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Dave Franklin is driven to public service.

It’s this commitment to helping Long Island families that’s inspired him to run for office for the first time as a candidate for State Senate in the 7th District.


For the past 33 years, Dave has lived in Port Washington. He’s been the town’s police commissioner for the past nine and during that time he’s built a strong reputation for making our communities safer and increasing employment without increasing costs. As commissioner, Dave endeavored to always maintain the public trust and directly engage with community stakeholders to enhance public safety and maintain public trust between residents and law enforcement.


In addition to his public service record, Dave has lengthy private sector experience and worked as a technician and engineer for HBO for nearly 40 years, until the company relocated to Atlanta, GA, this past fall.

This combined public-private experience has inspired Dave to run for State Senate. He’s seen firsthand the devastating effect bail reform has had on Long Island, allowing dangerous criminals and repeat offenders to roam our streets. As State Senator, Dave can be trusted to be a leader in the movement to repeal bail reform.


And, like so many of us, he’s experienced the devastating effect our state’s policies have had on our economy. Long Island families deserve more opportunities, not less. Dave wants to cut taxes for businesses, allowing them to grow and hire new employees. In addition to a robust economic agenda, he wants to provide support and more state aid to our local schools and give our children the educational and emotional support they need to grow into healthy, productive adults.


Dave Franklin has dedicated his life to working hard and helping to make our communities even better places to live and work. We can count on him to continue those efforts as our next State Senator.

Personal Message

I never sought public office. I am about Public Service. In my time living in Port, I have tried to help as many people I could. I volunteered for countless Community events and never said no to charity. I didn't always have disposable income so I gave my time instead.


God truly blessed me with an amazing wife and family. I'm not rich, but I always had enough. Life is good, so I give back. 10 years ago, I was asked to run for Police Commissioner because of that attitude. For 9 years I served with only the best interest of the people in mind. When I lost my last election, I thought I was done.  But then I was asked to run for State Senate. I will bring that same attitude of people first to the job. We are all in this together, and together we can do amazing things.


We are all born with greatness in us, and I believe it is the job of any Government Representative to enable the people to find that greatness. If elected I will do just that. I will be here to serve you. I will be your voice in Albany, and I will do everything I can to make our District and the State a better place to live. People over Politics will always be what drives me.



The safety and well-being of everyone in my District will be my number one concern, therefor, I will work to repeal the bail reform act that has negatively impacted law abiding citizens, placed lives at risk and has caused far more harm than good.



The many amazing towns of the Seventh Senate District are great places to live and raise a family, but the welcome mat for business and pursuit of opportunities isn’t as inviting as it should be. Cutting taxes and offering incentives will inspire entrepreneurs to start and nurture their businesses in our towns. Our communities will be a far more desirable place to start a new business, expand an old one, and hire more workers while growing our economy. Red tape only hinders business development. I'll work to cut through it to help our neighborhood business owners. Problems should have swift remedies, not government obstruction.


As a 3 term elected police commissioner, I worked very closely with our men and women in blue. During my time in office, I advocated for and accomplished diversity and de-escalation training. By implementing these then revolutionary practices,, our District saw much improved community relations, peace and respect for all- we were even named “Safest Town in NY State”. I will take that same vision to Albany and we will see results.


Our kids deserve the best education that they can get and that comes with funding. I will stand up for our children and ensure that our schools get the money they need. Supporting Vocational and Technical schools will also be a priority of mine.


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